CTRL-S (Save) is the name of our robot designed to enter the 2020 disaster zone at Pi Wars. Follow us on this journey !

CTRL-S design idea

According with the disaster zone theme, CTRL-S robot is an inspection robot based on the CROCELLS robot. The idea is that after a disaster, e.g. an earthquake, a post-earthquake building inspection is needed. Deciding when it’s safe for a building’s residents to move back in after an earthquake is a major challenge and responsibility for engineers. The good news is, exciting and promising research on autonomous climbing robots is on its climax. CTRL-S robot is designed to help with these assessments, thus SAVING people from entering an unsafe building. More…


The programming language used to program CTRL-S is Python and C++.

If we have enough time, we’ll try to make it ROS enabled.

We’ve been accepted!

We sent our application at the very last minute. Nonetheless, we convinced the jury and will participate (intermediate category) on all of the challenges, where possible: Autonomously !!!



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Pi Wars 2020

About Us

We are part of the Robotics Society at London South Bank University (LSBU). With the mentoring of Gabriela Gallegos and Prof. Ben Lishman, we enter different robotics competitions such as IMechE’s Design Challenge and Pi Wars.

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